Apr/88: New TSD Planned. (...) All ATA members are eligible for a free listing. Members' Priorities: Focus of new PR Committee, by Shuckran Kamal [Compares the free and voluntary ATA with associations of coercively regulated and licensed professions.] Doris Ganser letter clarifying accreditation, corporations and certification. (Chronicle, p. 10)
May/88: ATTENTION! The April Chronicle incorrectly [sic] stated that all ATA members are eligible to be listed in the upcoming Translation Services Directory. Actually all active ATA members are eligible, and questionnaires have been sent out to those members. If you are an active member and haven't received a questionnaire, get in touch with ATA HQ immediately. (Chronicle, p. 3)

March/92: Willson message redefines active membership as now a prerequisite for listing in the TSD! (Chronicle May/88 p. 7).
Leslie Willson on TSD, claims it is still restricted to active members, despite explicit language in the bylaws to the contrary. (Chronicle Jan/1993 p. 19)