Report of the Bylaws Revision Committee, BYLAWS AND TAX LAWS, by Patricia Newman, pp. 7-8: A clear, concise, objective and evenhanded description of the bylaws amendment process. "Active members have, among others, the rights to vote and hold office. (This is in Article Three, Paragraph IV, if you're still doggedly following along.) No other members have those rights, so if you want to take an active part in the ATA you should know what it takes to be an active member." (...) "My name, address and phone number are given at the end of this article; please write or call to express your opinions on any aspect of the bylaws, and I promise to listen with an open mind." Includes explanations of the member categories, REASONS for the proposal to require accreditation in languages offered as a means of earning the vote: "Requiring certification by ATA as a prerequisite to active membership would demonstrate the commitment of the Association to those standards of professional competence that figure so prominently in our purposes. Is this a reasonable way to revise this requirement?" (Chronicle Dec/1981)